Discover Better Drilling Economics with DrillAssure

DrillAssure is our revolutionary stress mapping software generated from interpreted reflection 2D & 3D seismic.

Stress from Interpreted Reflection Seismic

DrillAssure takes your interpreted 3D reflection seismic and transforms it into quantified stresses. These natural stresses, which can distort wellbores, are provided by geophysicists to drillers and can be incorporated into your well design in order to give the best possible economic outcome.

Well designs can be simplified while risk is reduced, sidetracks avoided, fractures emphasised, production maximised, active faults negotiated, and over-pressures mapped for safety mitigation. All wells can undergo this process as part of an integrated approach to well design. DrillAssure identifies faults that seal and cause production permeability barriers leading to compartmentalisation of reservoirs.

DrillAssure works seamlessly with Stochastic Simulation’s reservoir simulator, ResAssure, as it enables ResAssure to model more accurate placement of faults derived from DrillAssure and is therefore able to accurately describe reserves distribution and generate better production drilling alternatives.

DrillAssure Enables Better Economics, Fewer Wells, Longer Well Life and Lower Costs

Lower oil prices are triggering sizable cuts to drilling programs, often without consideration of long term cash flow factors such as well design or rock fabric.

Expensive wells are frequently the first to be cut from a drilling program, especially if they are horizontals and possibly to be fracked. However, it is these very wells that are often the key to long-term cash flow.

What if it could be demonstrated that a technique exists that can deliver better production rates, fewer wells, longer well life and lower costs?

DrillAssure throughout Full Life Cycle of Field

Seismically interpreted faults and horizons for standard structural mapping are also the source of quantified stress states for numerous interrelated applications in exploration, drilling and production.

New World of Stress Consistent Seismic Interpretation

With DrillAssure you can continually stress test your interpretation of the structural history displayed on your interpreted seismic which is converted into quantified stress. You can compare the result with today’s measured stress direction, if available. DrillAssure also generates the stress magnitude which is rarely available except for well monitored earthquakes. The primary output is a 3D stress volume derived entirely from 2D or 3D interpreted reflection seismic dataset.

The number of picked horizons, data quality and density determine the accuracy of the quantified values in the 3D stress volume. The 3D data allows multidirectional, arbitrary stratigraphic and cheap lexapro online stress sections to be generated from the 3D stress volume.

While it is useful to be able to compare your stress maps with expensive wellbore breakout, drilling induced fractures and mini-fracs, the latter are not required, just good quality 2D or 3D seismic.

Proven Results

DrillAssure can enable you to reduce your drilling costs, avoid geological hazards, reduce the size of your drilling program, plan for a longer field life, maximise your production and provide you with the best economical outcome for your drilling program.

Hardware/Software Requirements

DrillAssure will only run on 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 and 8. It requires a minimum of 1 GB of RAM.

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DrillAssure is the only drill-risk reduction tool that can determine Earth stresses in sedimentary basins pre-drill. Discover what DrillAssure can do for you. Learn More.

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