Fully Integrated Asset Modelling-Field Development, Production Optimisation & Forecasting

Why our FlowAssure suite is the true, next generation solution

Integrated Asset Modeling (IAM) for Demand-Driven Production Optimisation

Stochastic Simulation’s IAM suite, Flow Assure, is the fastest Integrated Modelling tool for forecasting and optimising oil and gas production. FlowAssure is a fully Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) solution for demand focused planning, which enables long-term oil and gas forecasting to support key commercial decision making.

It delivers a unique “reservoir to market” solution, allowing for short, medium and long-term planning from sources, through processing and delivery, right up to the allocation of resources to meet the market demand.

FlowAssure is the only fully integrated IAM tool available that takes into account the back-pressure constraints on the system and the inherent production implications, whilst optimising delivery performance based on market demand. The robust and fast computational engine solves multi-objective optimisation problems.

OilAssure – Three-Phase, Black Oil Modelling

OilAssure enables complete visibility and tracking of all oil, water and gas from the reservoir and delivery of commercial oil to the market. You can quickly define, characterise and explore what-if-scenarios, which facilitates an agile oil planning approach. It assists those involved in all aspects of oil marketing, and the commercial decision making process, from exploration through to production.

GasAssure – Compositional modelling

GasAssure is the fully compositional IAM solution and enables the tracking of all gas components right from the reservoir till the final delivery point. It allows users to model contract fulfillment, taking into account client prioritisation over the full filed life cycle of the field, and enables broad flexibility in how the surface and sub-surface networks can be modelled, including compression and comprehensive gas plant modelling.

True Compositional Power

Users can choose to use either the compositional power of GasAssure or the multiphase properties of OilAssure or even combine both models into one to get the best out of both worlds. With GasAssure’s and OilAssure’s unique powers, FlowAssure is the most complete and robust integrated hydrocarbon forecasting solution available in the market today.

Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) for Demand-Driven Production Optimisation

FlowAssure is able to define, characterise and explore what-if scenarios for large scale, multi-billion-dollar oil and gas projects in a fraction of the time taken by the currently available tools.

For example, GasAssure runs a 40 year forecast for a major gas field operating in Australia with 2000 wells in <10mins, when previously it had taken 8hrs+ when run on an alternative platform – this includes peak day, average and deliverability forecasting with full rate-composition-pressure dependence.

Corporate Planning Tool for the Full Life-Cycle of Oil and Gas fields

Fundamentally, FlowAssure is a corporate planning tool and distinctly different to other tools on the market, which often involve overly detailed calculations, simulation techniques and models that are too complex and slow. This makes them unsuitable and restrictive for quick, day-to-day decision making, which must take several disciplines into consideration.

FlowAssure users can define the optimum amount of data to facilitate decision-making. The level of granularity applied to models running in FlowAssure is completely flexible for users and can be adapted according to user requirements and time restrictions.

Why is IAM essential for overcoming key industry challenges?

The industry still largely relies on Excel spreadsheets or non-integrated software packages to plan and forecast their natural gas developments.

These approaches have limitations with respect to data handling capacity, accuracy and providing the right amount of information for contract fulfilments and speed of results generated.
Due to changing field and operating conditions, the industry requires Integrated Asset Modelling for oil and gas fields, which can provide faster short, medium and long term planning solutions ensuring healthordisease.com optimal gas and maximised oil production.

What is the Reservoir to Market approach?

OilAssure and GasAssure adopts a unique Reservoir to Market approach to oil and gas planning, by integrating aquifers, reservoirs, wells, processing plants, pipelines, compressors and the final market altogether.

This market-driven solution empowers the user to:

  1. Allocate products to different markets as per specified ranking and priorities
  2. Implement component allocation focusing on meeting a contract’s gas specification
  3. Specify different types of market. E.g. LNG, LPG, condensate, energy
  4. Trigger the wells and compressors to come online in the mid to late field stage when deliverability drops to meet demand.

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GasAssure is the ultimate IAM tool that provide solutions for product blending optimisation, network debottlenecking, production optimisation and allocation. Discover what GasAssure can do for you. Learn more.

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