Predicting The Future with Digital Analytics

We deliver innovative solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry, which do MORE for LESS and much QUICKER without compromising on complexity or accuracy.

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Digital Transformation – A New World for Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is unpredictable, and companies need to turn to digital analytics to add value to their projects. The problem is, most of the conventional software are outdated, slow and causing more uncertainty than they are worth. Stochastic Simulation has taken advantage of this challenging environment and created innovative solutions that are robust, reliable and fast. You can now move from acknowledging how something happened to why it happened and what are the possible solutions to prevent in future.

Robust Components

Often engineers spend time more on software application and running simulations. Time ranges from days to months to forecast and calibrate models. Regain valuable time to focus more on data analysis and optimisation strategies, rather than waiting for model to run with SSL’s robust, reliable and fast products.

Strike the right balance between abundant data and challenges to undertake by moving to SSL’s digital solutions.

Cognitive Performance

Organisations face the hefty task of gathering, collaborating and integrating the data from the right place at the right time for detailed analysis. This may involve running through multiple applications to reach a final optimal solution.

Use SSL’s standalone integrated products to make quicker and informed decisions.

Updated Software

To remain competitive in a volatile and uncertain environment, firms need to optimise production, reduce downtime and maximise the value invested and all with minimal risk. Companies often have to make a large number of decisions.

With SSL’s smarter algorithms, take full uncertainty quantification into account for your reservoir models. Unlike other tools, any small changes in the subsurface can be reflected on your project cash flows and improvements made with SSL solutions.

IAM Field Development, Optimisation and Forecasting

Optimise the performance of your challenging assets in every stage of the field life cycle with Stochastic Simulation’s market focused IAM tool.
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Stochastic Simulation turns challenges into opportunities

SSL’s superior technology continues to lead the way for reservoir simulators with overnight history matching and full uncertainty quantification. Add value to your projects by focusing more on the interdisciplinary analysis rather than waiting for simulations to complete.
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New world of Stress Consistent Seismic Interpretation

Get your drilling right the first time with optimal wells, better economics, longer well life and reduced costs.
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Stochastic Simulation Products now on Cloud

Develop your field resourcefully and economically with our cloud based secure service. Access your integrated data and resources from anywhere, at any time. Reduce project risk by spending more time on data analysis rather than on technology application.
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Time to Think Bigger – Invest in Innovation & Technology

As oil and gas industry becomes more uncertain and complex, we believe innovation and technology are key enablers to solve common challenges.

At Stochastic Simulation, we observe the key challenges facing the Oil and Gas Industry and bring solutions to clients on they can get the most value from the current challenges.

Invest in SSL’s innovative technologies and maintain a long-term outlook benefit.

The core innovation uses unique proprietary technology able to undertake intensive data-mining of both geological and production data, quantifying reservoir and production uncertainty with respect to oil and gas field development, with the unique capability of being able to rigorously quantify the impact of sub-surface uncertainty on project profitability.

Our Solutions:

Model you field as an interconnected system and get an overall picture of your field right from reservoir till the final sales point with Stochastic Simulation’s IAM approach. With the field development planning approach from reservoir till the delivery point, improve the availability and value of your assets, maximise operational life of your assets and identify production optimisation opportunities.

The rising price of oil, cost of production and increasing volatility of the oil and gas market is making the need for better information to support reservoir management, particularly in the area of reserves assurance and production risk mitigation. Make informed decisions as good as the information with stochastic simulation of hydrocarbon reserves, overnight history matching and quantifying full range of probabilistic outcomes.

Why plan complex wells using sparse, post-drill 1 and 2-dimensional stress measurements when you can have pre-drill, 3D generated from the interpreted 2D and 3D reflection seismic surveys you have already paid for? Stochastic Simulation’s solution can help to reduce your drilling costs, avoid geological hazards, reduce the size of your drilling program, plan for a longer field life, maximise your production and provide you with the best economical outcome for your drilling program.

Full modelling flexibility for black oil and compositional modelling. Switch between the two depending on your project requirements. Take into account a variety of fluid types and evaluate their interactions and effect on system deliverability.

On-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet with pay-as-you-go-pricing. Increased efficiency, improved cash flow, increased collaboration between your colleagues and work from anywhere are some of the reasons why you should move to cloud. If you feel ready for these advantages, and more, see how our solutions can help you take there.

SSL offers accreditation programs for consultants and works with clients to provide resource assurance for project finance and production risk identification and mitigation from drilling through well completion, facilities, pipelines and product markets.

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