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ResAssure delivers static initialisation of the reservoir model and calculation of fluid in place consistent with rock and fluid properties and geological uncertainties. Get exclusive access ahead of the rest, contact us today for a trial.

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ResAssure: A Revolution in Reservoir Simulation and Uncertainty Modelling

Work through any technical uncertainty and generate more accurate estimates of hydrocarbon reserves for better technical and commercial decision making. Contact us today for a ResAssure trial, so you can see for yourself the power of ResAssure with your own data!

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Speed Revolution in Reservoir Simulation & Uncertainty Modelling

Powered by a robust and extremely fast reservoir simulator, ResAssure’s staggering speed-up is achieved by innovative numerical solutions and advanced mathematical formulations for solving subsurface challenges.

Overnight Automatic History Matching

Improve and validate the reservoir simulation model through ResAssure’s automatic history matching and reliably assess the uncertainty associated to the forecast development scenarios.

Optimised Recovery & Production

Combining Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) mathematical techniques, with the latest Graphical Processing Units, ResAssure can now perform the massive computation required to generate a complete analysis of possible field development outcomes.

Reserves Uncertainty Quantification

ResAssure quantifies the full range of probable fluid in place outcomes and recovery estimates with perturbation parameters related to geology and petro physics, fluid system and well production.

Improved Investment Decisions

Quantify the impact of sub-surface uncertainty on project viability with the extremely fast stochastic simulation of hydrocarbon reservoirs provided by ResAssure. This reduces the potential for over or under investment by providing an unprecedented level of certainty for oil and gas reserves.

Fast Core Simulator for Millions of Realisations

ResAssure has the fastest reservoir simulator in the world, taking a completely unique approach to modelling subsurface uncertainty.

Fast Simulation Speeds

ResAssure provided 100~1000 times faster simulation speeds using innovative numerical solutions, robust polygonal gridding and aggressive spatial coarsening and time stepping. This simulation speed is sufficiently fast enough to enable the working reservoir engineer efficient turnaround of stochastic simulation solution within the working day.

Flex Through Multiple Realisations

ResAssure can take multiple realizations generated through geostatistical techniques and utilize the inbuilt uncertainties to find history match solutions.

Advanced Statistical Analysis

Robust sampling algorithms enable rigorous subsurface risk quantification. The innovative sampling algorithms and their higher dimensional representations ensures far more accurate reserves reporting and probability recovery maps with advanced data mining

Complex Structural Uncertainty

The robust gridding algorithms incorporated in ResAssure enables users to define a structural uncertainty using two maps. This brings realistic uncertainty evaluation of fields where geological/geophysical uncertainties largely impact reservoir evaluation.

A User-Friendly Graphic User Interface

Solving complex problems doesn’t have to be complicated. ResAssure’s GUI is easy to navigate through to make time spent on what really matters.






Multiple Perturbation Variables Editor

Any reservoir property can be included as a perturbation and multiple Perturbation variables can be simultaneously analysed.







Full Distribution Analysis for a Better Estimate

Model the perturbations with any of these distributions to get a good probabilistic estimate.




View the probability density of the uncertain variables for different distributions

Easy Segmented Outputs for Oil & Gas Production

View current oil and gas in place, the total productions and outputs relevant to perturbations.








Get an Up-Close Look

Inplace Calculations

Quantify the full range of probabilistic fluid in place and recovery estimation outcomes with Stochastic Simulation’s ResAssure.









Perturbations vs Iterations

View all the sampling points for every defined perturbation parameter, in each iteration.










Use ResAssure’s histogram shape, skewness and statistical information for improvement actions.







Probability Density Functions

Capture a reasonable representation of the likelihood of uncertain variables.







Complimentary Cumulative Distribution Function

Determine the probability of the uncertain variable being lower than a certain value, higher than a certain value or between two values.








Scatter Charts

View ResAssure’s scatter charts to get a representation of the perturbation parameters.







Achieve advanced mathematical formulations in minutes. Here’s How it Works:

ResAssure uses mathematical techniques & algorithms not previously used in the Oil & Gas industry for a faster-than-ever-before generation of full range probabilistic outcomes. And it does this, very, very fast.

The starting point for the ResAssure calculations is the deterministic output generated by traditional simulation programs. ResAssure then conducts a constrained random walk through the total solution space to locate all other feasible field development solutions (which could number into millions).

Analysis of the full range of outcomes provides an unprecedented level of assurance with respect to oil and gas reserves and project profitability.

Countless Features & Benefits

ResAssure offers users with a complete Stochastic Reservoir Simulation workflow, which dynamic reserves estimation and history matching. ResAssure’s key features and benefits is what sets apart from any other reservoir simulator.

Regardless of the scope and complexity of your reservoir problem, online drugstore usa ResAssure is an effective tool for a broad range of uncertainty and reservoir management.

Stochastic Simulation of Hydrocarbon Reserves

  • Narrows the range of uncertainty in reserves estimation
  • Better information for production and financing decisions
  • Reduces the potential for over- or under-investment

Probabilistic Analysis of Oil & Gas Reserves

  • Facilitates SPE-PRMS reserve reporting requirements
  • Reduces development and financial risk
  • Unprecedented level of resource assurance with respect to oil and gas reserves and project profitability

Subsurface Uncertainty Analysis

  • Produces far more accurate estimates of hydrocarbon reserves
  • Generates timely, accurate statistical analysis of the sub-surface uncertainty

Unique Mathematical Modelling Algorithms

  • Identifies many thousands of valid models and feasible outcomes as opposed to a 1 single “deterministic” model
  • Conventional simulators cannot provide timely decision support information

Faster simulation speeds

  • Enables efficient turnaround of stochastic simulation solutions within a working day
  • 24 hours of computing can generate > 100,000 realisations, each of which is a valid history-match or reservoir forecast
  • Significantly speeds up the history matching process

Cloud based ”on demand” solution

  • Accessible 24hrs a day from anywhere in the world
  • Data stored securely
  • Scalable computing infrastructure (turn on or off quickly)
  • Software updates can be deployed dynamically (site visit not required)
  • Enables increased collaboration
  • Environmentally friendly – 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using on-site servers

SaaS & Pay as you Use Model

  • Minimal or no large upfront capital expenditure required
  • Flexible licensing
  • No major onsite installation required
  • Access can be shared with multiple users across multiple systems

Simple and Intuitive Web Based Interface

  • Powerful, easy to use, minimal training required
  • Few, if any compatibility issues – web based interface will work in many locations, on many PCs without extensive system requirements
  • Simple and fast implementation

Become an Accredited ResAssure Consultant

Stochastic Simulation offers consultants the opportunity to benefit from some of the most innovative solutions in the Oil & Gas industry and increase revenue through our comprehensive accreditation program.

Stochastic Simulation’s accreditation program enables consultants to receive in-depth product training to ensure you can leverage the full potential of our solutions and provide your client’s with exceptional added value.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ResAssure?
ResAssure, a stochastic simulation product, is the embodiment of the algorithm which gives the dramatic increase in the speed, 1000 times faster than conventional simulators. By using the stochastic simulation of hydrocarbon reserves, the range of uncertainty in the reserves estimation can be narrowed down. This readily delivers the information to clients which can be accessed directly from the cloud, from your desk, rather than running from a big cluster from elsewhere.
Does ResAssure accepts reservoir model in other formats?
ResAssure uses a proprietary XML format for reservoir models. Eclipse models can be converted to ResAssure format using the converter supplied with the ResAssure Static GUI. If your Eclipse model contains any keywords not supported by the converter, please contact us at
What makes ResAssure unique from the competitors?
To demonstrate ResAssure’s capabilities, Stochastic Simulation undertook the challenge of carrying out 1 million realisations in 1 day.  This was done for a real field Cartesian model of 200,000 grid cells against 28 sensitivity parameters using 40 standard processing cores on Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) cloud computing platform.
How good are the ResAssure results?
The Griffin field case study highlighted ResAssure capabilities and its impact on history match studies. The study demonstrated the use of polygonal modelling, and the application of porosity/permeability multipliers in well drainage areas can achieve good results. An excellent history match to well performance was achieved for all the wells along with good matches for time of water breakthrough, gas cap coning, post breakthrough oil rate decline and water production.
What is ResAssure Static?
ResAssure Static is a standalone module of ResAssure which delivers static initialisation of a reservoir model and a calculation of fluid in place which is consistent with rock and fluid properties and geological uncertainties. ResAssure Static quantifies the full range of probable fluid in place outcomes and recovery estimates by perturbing parameters such as top structure, contact depth, porosity, net to gross, and recovery factors. Contact us to learn about how dynamic reserve estimates can be done with our upcoming product, ResAssure dynamic.
How secure is it to run models with ResAssure?
All data sent across the network is securely encrypted using the SSL/TLS protocol. Our cloud server resides on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides world-leading security in its datacentres. More information regarding AWS security is available at
What do clients use ResAssure for and what are the benefits?
Some of the most common uses and benefits include efficient managing of subsurface uncertainties, overnight automatic history matching, facilitates better producing and financing decisions, evidence based decision support and more rigorous study of project risks.
Why was ResAssure developed?
Annually, the upstream oil and gas industry suffers billions in lost value from over and under investment due to inadequate uncertainty quantification. An example of this is a company that spent $100 million on an unsuccessful drilling program. Subsequent modelling by Stochastic Simulation demonstrated that the project should not have proceeded. To avoid such mischances, Stochastic Simulation developed a suite of specialist products and services that deliver our clients better understanding of oil and gas reserves.
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