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The Oil & Gas industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and we are at the forefront of it. With over 30 years in risk analysis, our next generation digital oilfield products will give you the answers you are looking for. Start Free Evaluation

Powerful Speeds, Smarter Scalability, Total Security

Our uncertainty-analysis software enables people to tackle any problematic risk faster than ever before, making decision-making easier.

Reservoir Simulation

100’s to 1000’s times faster analysis feedback and estimates

History Matching

Unmatched quantitative reliability with significant cost savings and enhanced ROI.

Integrated Asset Modelling

Reduction in investment risk for both mature and early-stage oil and gas field development

Drill Risk Reduction

Reduce drilling costs, avoid geological hazards, reduce the size of drilling programs and plan for a longer field life.

Production Forecasting

More reliable short and long term production forecasting.

Consulting & Accreditation

Consultant OnDemand licensing, Corporate OnDemand licensing and Individual Corporate User Licensing available. Training & accreditation included.

Digital Oilfield Technology

Fully integrated and scalable technology that turns complex problems into easy-to-configure solutions. Get to know the new, next generation technology of the Oil & Gas upstream industry.

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